Wilson Porter Profiles



A love of mathematics led Simone to a career in accounting but now, more than two decades later, that’s only part of the equation. Simone is known for helping small business owners, specifically manufacturers, restauranteurs, wholesalers and medical specialists to achieve their business goals through tailored taxation, accounting and business development advice.

Her clients’ objectives are as diverse as their industries. From revenue raising, through to business succession and beyond; Simone delivers consistent, credentialed taxation and business advice with a sincerity and transparency that endears her to clients and colleagues alike.


In addition to offering leadership to small business owners for taxation, financial reporting, performance analysis, business development and superannuation, Simone works with preretirees and those who have already transitioned from the workforce. With credentials that include certifications as a Chartered Accountant, a SMSF Specialist and a Tax Agent, Simone’s skillset is complemented by an innate ability to identify and facilitate greater efficiencies for both cash flow and taxation.


Transitioning to be one of the owners of Wilson Porter & Associates was the culmination of nine years of Simone’s dedication and commitment to truly understanding her practice, her profession and, most importantly, her clients.


Not content to know her clients’ businesses via broad brushstrokes, Simone’s inquisitive nature drives the type of in-depth discussions that uncover the true machinations of their business operations and procedures. This line of enquiry sets Simone apart as the type of accountant who delves deeply to offer insights that address immediate needs as well as forecasting issues likely to require attention in the longer term.


A willingness to “go above and beyond” is a hallmark of Simone’s way of working. Whether she is researching compatible financial institutions on her clients’ behalf, or perhaps overseeing their compliance matters, Simone approaches her investigations with a thoroughness and enthusiasm that delights and surprises clients.

Indeed, these tenacious traits were first evident when Simone embarked upon her career. Her first professional appointment saw her engaged by a well-regarded Sydney CBD practice where Simone’s potential was evident early as she progressed from a graduate role to a senior position within six years. Later, she was offered a position with a much larger practice interstate. She embraced the opportunity to relocate and gain experience within the Australian arm of a global accounting and business advisory firm.


On returning to Sydney, Simone joined Wilson Porter and admits to feeling right at home which is perhaps unsurprising given her familial ties to the practice. Simone’s uncle was one of the firm’s former owners.


Simone attributes her “can do” attitude, at work and play, to her father. He taught her the power of PMA; a Positive Mental Attitude. In turn, Simone is now instilling a similar fortitude in her young daughter.


The pair enjoy cooking together and Simone’s kitchen is perhaps one of her favourite indoor locations. Her outdoor pursuits include swimming and walking for fitness and leisure.


A long-time Sydney Swans fan, Simone admits she sometimes has to call on that PMA to get them over the line but, regardless, she remains a loyal supporter of her home town team.