Australian superannuation is a complex landscape, prone to frequent changes in tax legislation and the regulatory environment. Superannuation, or super, is money put aside through your working life to fund your retirement. Your super fund grows through compulsory contributions made by your employer, income and growth of your fund’s investments or voluntary contributions made by yourself.


Need some guidance on making your super work for you and your business?


At Wilson Porter, we have an intimate understanding of the super system and can draw on a network of resources to provide support in accounting for superannuation funds, tax advice, superannuation law, and compliance obligations.




Accountants are prohibited from providing superannuation financial advice to a trustee without a financial license. This limitation makes the situation complicated for businesses that want guidance on managing their funds, as they have to rely on external specialists, adding another bill to their budget.

Spotting this disadvantage, Simone and David, decided to extend the scope of their super services. Carrying out studies and achieving a Diploma of Financial Planning, Wilson Porter gained the license necessary for guidance in the areas of establishing a self managed super fund (SMSF), contributions, drawing pensions and investment strategy documents. This is an asset that makes Wilson Porter the ideal accounting partner that helps you through your super financial goals with minimum fuss. 

We also offer advice on ways to change your superannuation fund or your contributions to better fit your business and lifestyle. With our professional guidance, you can plan for your financial future easily at any time.


Once you have set up the contributions to your employees’ super, keeping an eye on your own superannuation investment strategy often moves to the bottom of your list of priorities. Managing your own personal super as a business owner can seem even less important, especially for younger SME operators who don’t have an eye on saving for retirement yet.

You are never too young to sort out the details of your superannuation strategy and get things off on the right foot. We can provide a full administrative super fund service to keep trustees fully aware of their responsibilities. Alternatively, we can offer consultation guidance to make sure you have everything you need to get your super working for your business.


One of the main concerns for business owners trying to run their superannuation strategy in the right way is staying compliant with Australian Tax Office (ATO) requirements. Many take a hands-off approach to their super for fear of stepping out of line. Staying ATO-compliant shouldn’t be anything to fear — especially if you have professional guidance.

We have full knowledge of all the necessities in preparing and lodging super fund tax returns. We can offer expert guidance on the whole process and provide a critical eye for the details, making sure your super situation is all above board and within financial regulations.


It’s a compliance requirement for SMSFs to be audited. For those who don’t have their super strategy at the forefront of their minds, this can be a hugely stressful process.

We can organise a stress-free annual audit service that takes a comprehensive look at your super fund to ensure everything is running smoothly.


Working out the kind of retirement lifestyle you want to lead is often of least concern. However, contributing towards your personal superannuation is vital to healthy finances in later life. This makes planning ahead vital, especially for younger business people.

Looking to the future, we can provide information and superannuation advice on possible income streams you can use during retirement. We do this by assessing the viability of an income stream and supplying the paperwork and calculations necessary to establish a pension.

Don’t let ever-changing superannuation rules affect your business – Wilson Porter offers numerous solutions and financial advice to ensure everything runs smoothly. Get focused on your super, no matter your stage of life, by filling out our contact form.

Don’t let ever-changing superannuation rules affect your business – Wilson Porter offer numerous solutions to ensure everything runs smoothly. Get focused on your super, no matter your stage of life, by filling out our contact form.


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