Can BYOD save your business money?

Bring your own device: How it can benefit your small business

Continuing on the new year theme of minimising costs for small business development, we take a look at what one of the newest workplace technology trends can do for both productivity and streamlining expenses.

Bring your own device (BYOD) is a steadily growing movement where employees bring their own portable device with them to work. 

The argument for BYOD is twofold; on the one hand it is said to increase productivity as employees are familiar with the hardware they use outside of work, and are well versed in tools which could accelerate the way in which they handle computer-based tasks. 

Another inherent benefit of BYOD is that employees are more likely to maintain and update their personal devices as required, which takes the pressure away from small-business owners who aren't equipped to handle often expensive hardware or tech call outs. 

Recent report from Gartner foresees the prevalence of BYOD culture set grow over the next few years, with approximately 50 per cent of business expected to allow BYOD. 

The main thing to consider, is that while BYOD may provide a neat solution to reducing tech fees and creating a more flexible work environment, business owners need to be aware of the potential security risks.

Forbes writer Andrew Levin suggests that employers secure their employees' devices as if they belonged to the business. This can be done by ensuring your employees are running the most up-to-date web browsers, implementing the use of a firewall and are equipped with a professional anti-virus or security software.

This sort of awareness, including taking precautions such as limiting uncertified, third-party applications and a mandatory password lock will keep BYOD a viable way for you to economise on technology spending whilst not compromising on the security of your business's data. 

If you're interested in managing costs for the future of your small business, consulting a chartered account is the way to get answers and support in planning for growth.