A business development consultant can create and optimise your path toward business success.

Do you need a business development consultant?

Starting a company is a difficult task, and maintaining it is even more so. You conceptualised the company, established a plan for your business and got it to where it is today. But what happens when that plan meets an unplanned hiccup?

There is no doubt that the world has experienced some disruptions that have impacted the standard flow of business recently, but at the same time, your company goals have not changed. So how do you adjust?

Business in flux

Australian businesses have been met with some uncertainty due to COVID-19 and Brexit. However, this has also inspired new ingenuity, prompting businesses to find alternatives to their continuity plans, sales messaging and market differentiation.

For example, it is worth discussing the massive shift that businesses have taken to embrace technology and virtual exchanges. Virtual conferencing, distributed workforces and high-impact messaging platforms are now the new norm. This sudden distancing of employees and adjustment to new policies was not part of the plan for many companies but has become standard workflow now, whether they were prepared for this shift or not..

Australian businesses have implemented as much new technology in one year as they did in the previous 10. This is not only an impressive feat, but it is also a timely example of how challenges and setbacks can occur — and how businesses need to be ready to adapt.

This is the role that business development consultants play.

They help your business navigate uncertainty. And in a time where the basic model of business is shifting, now is the time to bring in the experts to create or update your strategy.

What do business development consultants do?

Business development consultants can help you keep your trajectory toward the big picture without losing your footing along the way. They help not only plan for the road ahead, but they aid you in adapting to it as well. And as we are seeing right now, this is more important than ever.

Essentially, this assistance can be broken down into two plans: a business plan and a strategic plan. Together, these comprise the overall business development plan

Business development consultants will help you create this plan based on where you stand, and what your goals are for the future. The strategic plan determines the business's long-term goals and establishes the best path toward those goals. Even if you feel like you are confident of your aims, a business development consultant can play a role in identifying additional goals or ways of achieving them.

The business plan incorporates the efforts and resources available at its disposal, such as marketing teams, financial strategies, workforce requirements and performance projections. And these performance projections are key to measuring success. A key role of the business development consultant is not to simply help set the plan in motion but facilitate it along the way.

From there, a consultant can measure the business's achievements against these performance projections and adjust courses of action if need be. Optimising for success is an iterative, long-term process, so new adaptations should be expected.

You don't have to navigate it alone

Uncertainty looms in the business world, but it doesn't have to in your company. There are creative measures and risks your company might have to take, but Wilson Porter offers experience and expertise so you don't have to make these decisions on your own. We can help you adjust your business plan and move forward, making sure those key performance indicators are met and your business is still on path to accomplish the goals you laid out.

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